Proces / 10 Sessions

Proces / 10  Sessions:

The traditional Rolfing consists of 10 sessions. The 10-sessions had been created by Dr.Rolf as a teaching- and as a treatment-protocol. The 10 sessions are also called “the Recipe”. I prefer to call it “The Process”.

Anyhow, in the process every session has its own theme, territory, goal and function.

The sessions are coordinated in a way that they enrich- and grip into each other, so that step by step the body can unfold into a harmonic and economic functioning whole.

For sure the sessions are tailored to each individual’s condition and needs. Some people are done earlier than others and some even continue to maintain, or for “a reset”, every month or 6 weeks; this is very individual and can always be discussed in person.

Besides the 10-sessions I also work in the so called “non-formulaic” way,

which is completely client oriented and structured.


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