Janco Volk: advanced Rolfing practitioner and experienced manual therapist

At the beginning of 2011 I completed the Certified-Rolfer ™ education at the European Rolfing Association (ERA) in Munich.

I have become a Rolfing therapist because I am convinced of the effect of this manual treatment method and the holistic approach of the body.

What appeals to me is that Rolfing is not dogmatic and that it focuses on individual needs, and that changes are sometimes not only structural/physical, but also personal.

The method also works at different levels and has proved to be very effective. In 2015 I obtained the Advanced Rolfer Certification.

Janco’s path to Rolfing

To this day today, I am grateful that I came across Rolfing® structural integration in 2008. My fascination for this work grows daily from the results and developments I achieve with my clients, and from the Rolfing session I still occasionally receive for myself from colleagues.

In hindsight, I could make up many stories about what led me to become a Rolfer, but the clearest theme is simply the sessions I received from Marilyn from Brazil. After a severe car accident, I was in search of help for myself. Pain and the discomfort of misalignment led me to a succession of practitioners; physiotherapist, neurologist, acupuncturist, osteopath, and at last Rolfer.

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“Wisdom without knowledge is blind.
Knowledge without wisdom is empty.”

Immanuel Kant

Janco’s CV



  • Japanese Rolfing. Yielding, working with exploration of Hara and MA- concept.
    Hiroyoshi Tahata. ERA, Munich.
  • Epigenetica. Con Amore.
    Joyce de Bruin.
  • 5 Animal Qi Gong. Daisy Lee
  • Collaborative Workshop Yieldwork & Himotore. Isao Koseki and Hiroyoshi Tahata. MA, Not knowing, Integrity.



  • Functional Methods Part 3, Jeffrey Burch. ease-body
  • Het Immuunsysteem. Con Amore.
  • Medication Awareness. Dr. Asmar Al Hadithy. RBCZ
  • Nieuwe kijk op geestelijke gezondheidszorg. Jim van Os. RBCZ
  • 3 Qi Gong cursussen: Robert Peng, Daisy Lee, Dr Roger Jahnke.



  • Functional Methods Part1, Jeffrey Burch. ease-body.
  • Functional Methods, Part 2, Jeffrey Burch. ease-body.
  • Chronobiologie en het circadiaanse ritme. Con Amore
  • Stress en integrale visie. Con Amore
  • Moving Feet,Structure and Function, Uli Förg. ease-body



  • Pathologie: Digestion, Anatomy & Fysiologie, Nerve- & endocrine system. VITA.
  • Intestines. Microbiome & nutrition. Con Amore.
  • Transities & Levensfasen. Gerhard Böckler. Con Amore.
  • Oprichten www.ease-body.nl; Platform for Continual Education Workshops in holistic en integral manual therapy.



  • Hart/Vaten en complementaire risicofactoren                       (Cursuscentrum voor compl. Geneeskunde.)
  • Joint mobilization -Webinar (Jeffrey Burch.)



  • Pain&motor-control. Prof. Paul Hodges.  Somatic Academy, Munich.
  • Stress & Burnout. Gerhard Böckler. Con Amore, Amsterdam.


  • Mind Eye Power (MEP) education. Jacqueline Venbrux.



  • the Fascial Cardiac-system and osteopathic treatment.  Bordoni Bruno, DO,PhD et Morabito Bruno,DO, BSc Ot.
  • Spinal Therapeutics, Jonathan Martine and Suzanne Picard. Berlin.
  • Visceral Manipulation and neuroendocrine effects, Jean-Pierre Barral,  München.


  • Biannual ERA meeting.
  • Fascia Research Congress 2018, Berlin.



  • Neural mobilization of the viscera, Jon Martine, Leipzig.
  • The embryo in us,  Jaap van der Waal, Kiental.
  • Neuro visceral mobilization part 3, Jon Martine, Frankfurt.



  • Neural mobilization of the viscera, Jon Martine, Leipzig.

Medical education

  • Medische Basiskennis (volgens PLATO-eisen). Holos Academie, Utrecht.



  • Advanced Rolfing Training (Pedro Prado, Jon Martine).
  • Movement Mentorship (Giovanni Felicione).
  • Deepening and reawakening the 10 Sessions (Valerie Berg).
  • Movement Mentorship (Rita Geirola).
  • Moving Feet,Structure and Function, Uli Förgease-body


  • Probiotica Clinic (Ortho Kennis).



  • Cranio Sacral touch and perception, part 2. (Ray Mc Call)
  • Working with Trauma (Lael Keen)
  • Webinar. Advanced trainings. Arm , wrist and shoulder
  • Webinar. Advanced trainings (Til Luchau).”sciatic and nerve pain”
  • Webinar. “Working with Hip Restriction”


  • Hart- en Vaatziekten. (Gabriel Devriendt.)
  • Bijnieruitputting. (Walter O.M. Fache)
  • Gewrichtsklachten. Rheuma en Arthrose. (Gabriel Devriendt)



  • Prostatitis (Gabriel Devriendt)
  • nerve mobilization of the girdles (Jon Martine)
  • Building bridges to the psychological dimension (Pedro Pado)
  • Cranio Sacral touch and perception (Ray Mc Call)
  • Webinars. Advanced trainings (Til Luchau) “working with migraines”,“working with bones”


  • Puperhersenen
  • diversiteit van mannenhersenen en vrouwenhersenen
  • Update Fascia, (Robert Schleip)
  • Ontgiftingsmethoden als basis voor behoud en vitaliteit ( Gabriel Devriendt)


  • Rolfing-therapeut en medeoprichter van de Rolfing Association Netherlands.


  • Orientation-workshop. Anatomie+touch workshop.(Robert Schleip)

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“It is incredible what the Rolfing treatment by Janco means for my body and mind. It is as if my body is taken out of its wrinkles, and I also stand differently on my legs. It is reconnecting and I would like to grant this valuable experience to everyone.”

“Thank you very much! My lower motor system is extremely grateful to feel happiness on earth and good relationship with gravity. I am extremely grateful for making me feel good.”

“The Rolfing sessions with Janco have been incredibly helpful in helping me become more aware of my body, movement and breath. I really enjoy discovering all the connections, as I’m becoming more comfortable within my own skin.”

“The mere presence of Janco is healing. My mind and body are very thankful for his deep knowledge and magical hands. Do not hesitate to book a trial session!”

“After many years of searching with various therapists, I finally found a very special, pleasant, respectful and effective treatment with Janco Volk. Partly because of the exercises, which he explains very clearly, with a gift for didactics, I have the possibility of enjoying the change and rejuvenation as long as possible.”

“How wonderful being able to walk upright! And I feel so much more, and more intuitively. I was just playing the piano, and I could immediately hear which notes to play. Normally it doesn't happen that quickly.”

“Thank you for the rolfing session last Friday. The results were quite amazing, or at least some amazing things have been happening in my life which could be as a result of the Rolfing. :) It feels great! I feel really good.”

“Yes, I noticed that the core and midline sessions were very useful for me. There was really a lot stuck in there!”

“Yeah really, it feels good to feel good.”

“It feels very good in my body! I thought it was a special session and I would like to do another one.”

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