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“It is incredible what the Rolfing treatment by Janco means for my body and mind. It is as if my body is taken out of its wrinkles, and I also stand differently on my legs. It is reconnecting and I would like to grant this valuable experience to everyone.”

“Thank you very much! My lower motor system is extremely grateful to feel happiness on earth and good relationship with gravity. I am extremely grateful for making me feel good.”

“The Rolfing sessions with Janco have been incredibly helpful in helping me become more aware of my body, movement and breath. I really enjoy discovering all the connections, as I’m becoming more comfortable within my own skin.”

“The mere presence of Janco is healing. My mind and body are very thankful for his deep knowledge and magical hands. Do not hesitate to book a trial session!”

“After many years of searching with various therapists, I finally found a very special, pleasant, respectful and effective treatment with Janco Volk. Partly because of the exercises, which he explains very clearly, with a gift for didactics, I have the possibility of enjoying the change and rejuvenation as long as possible.”

“How wonderful being able to walk upright! And I feel so much more, and more intuitively. I was just playing the piano, and I could immediately hear which notes to play. Normally it doesn't happen that quickly.”

“Thank you for the rolfing session last Friday. The results were quite amazing, or at least some amazing things have been happening in my life which could be as a result of the Rolfing. :) It feels great! I feel really good.”

“Yes, I noticed that the core and midline sessions were very useful for me. There was really a lot stuck in there!”

“Yeah really, it feels good to feel good.”

“It feels very good in my body! I thought it was a special session and I would like to do another one.”

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