What is Rolfing®?

Rolfing is a holistic approach to the human body-structure. It is a manual healing method that pays special attention to fascia (connective tissue) and the concept of organizing the whole body in gravity. Rolfing aims to realign the body providing more freedom of movement.. read more


How does it work?

Rolfing is based on a number of principles and focuses on the individual needs of each client. Alongside the treatment of the fascia, attention is also paid to learning exercises and movements (embodiments). read more


Who is Janco Volk?

In the beginning of 2011 I graduated from The European Rolfing Association in Munich, Germany. I became a Rolfing practitioner because I believe in the manual healing method and the holistic approach to the body. I like the fact that it is not dogmatic, but orientated on the individual’s needs. read more